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Abenity provides a hosted and managed discount program for organizations to offer to their members as a benefit. By partnering with Abenity and offering a discount, your business will have instant access to the thousands of members using the Abenity discount program.

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Abenity vendors have the unique ability to login anytime, day or night, and update, modify, and change the offers available to Abenity members. All updates and changes are guaranteed to be live to the member websites within 48 hours pending content approval.

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What vendors are saying about Abenity:

Abenity has provided us with exposure to audiences that our program was not reaching beforehand. The Abenity staff is reasonable and easy to work with and I appreciate that the Abenity portal has a clean, attractive interface. Abenity’s program is not cluttered with a bombardment of ads lining the perimeter of every page like some other discount sites and their ’Fresh Offers’ section is a great way to organically highlight new promotions.

T-Mobile U.S.A. in Bellevue, WA

Abenity is a great employee discount program provider to work with! They are very responsive in working with us to promote our product and strive to connect us with those employees who are truly in the market to purchase a vehicle. We have been partners with Abenity for many years and have watched the number of new customers that they bring to us each year steadily grow. Even in the tough economic times of the past 18 months, Abenity has shown an increase in their volume of serious buyers. We also love the access we receive to manage our discount offer within the Abenity Vendor Admin. Abenity’s Vendor Admin significantly reduces the time it takes for us to get a new offer out to their member network and Abenity’s "How To" videos provide a simple step-by-step guide for using this exciting resource!

TrueCar in Jacksonville, FL

As Abenity continues to add members to its expanding roster, its broad reach to tens of thousands employees has helped us to see a direct reflection in the size of our customer base. The number of our consumers has grown steadily ever since we started working with them. Abenity's streamlined and targeted approach allows us to reach customers nationally, yet fulfill their needs locally based on zip codes, and their upscale image is an ideal match for our marketing and branding needs.

From You Flowers in Old Saybrook, CT