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The Loyalty & Engagement Strategies Blog offers helpful info, tips & best practices for HR professionals about the world of voluntary benefits, employee discount programs and company loyalty.

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How to Engage Millennials with Voluntary Benefits

As a new generation of employees enters the workforce, employers are needing to take a renewed look at how they engage the Millennial Generation. Born between the years 1980-2004, Millennials think differently, communicate differently, and work differently than their predecessors. With all of these generational differences at play employers often run into challenges as they […]

How To Choose The Right Employee Perks And Benefits

As we continue to explore the importance of perks and benefits and how they relate to employee engagement, you may find yourself asking the all-important question “How do I choose the right benefits for my employees?” In this day and age there are countless resources available but with tight corporate budgets and new industries, sometimes […]

How Is Your 2013 Employee Rewards And Recognition Strategy Going?

It’s especially important to find ways to reward all-star employees you can’t afford to lose. Here’s list of ten affordable and simple employee rewards and recognition ideas to motivate and engage employees with the props they deserve!

Employee Retention: How To Retain Your Top Talent

Employee retention is the key end-goal of engagement, and finding ways to ensure your employees are both valued and challenged should be your core focus.

How To Use Social Media To Communicate Employee Perks & Benefits

Communicating your employee perks & benefits using social media is a key way to engage your employees and one of the fastest growing trends in corporate HR.

Three Mistakes That Prevent Employee Engagement

Voluntary benefits, such as employee discount programs, can aid in our quest towards quality employee engagement. However, these three simple mistakes can often get in the way of preventing valuable employee engagement from happening.

Creating Your Exclusive Walled Garden

Your employee benefits strategy is of greatest legitimacy to your employee when you operate them within a closed system. Propelling forward the exclusive nature of working for your organization is critical to building corporate loyalty.

The Walled Garden Of A Great Employer

Are you building an effective walled garden as an employer to incentivize loyalty within your organization and make them think twice about jumping ship?