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Abenity’s Strategic Approach to Mobile Accessibility

Abenity’s strategy for serving up perks content on mobile devices has always been focused on our members and the devices our members use to access their perks.

When we look back over our last 2 Million user sessions in the Abenity Perks Program, we see that 22% of our members are accessing Abenity on a mobile device. Over 60% of these are using an Apple iPhone or iPad.

Upon seeing numbers like that, one might immediately jump to the conclusion of the need for an iPhone app. But we approach these statistics differently. We don’t want to serve just 22% of our members, or just 13% that use Apple devices.

Our goal is to serve 100% of our members.

We don't want to serve just 22% of our members, or just 13% that use Apple devices. Our goal is to serve 100% of our members.

It’s this goal that led us to fully redesign our perks platform in June 2014 with a fully mobile-compatible site using Responsive Web Design (RWD). RWD is an approach to design aimed at creating websites that provide an optimal viewing experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

In short, RWD allows us to consistently and efficiently serve perks content to all devices in the web browser with an extremely intuitive design and browsing experience.

Abenity’s Mobile Developments To Date

Abenity has always been forward thinking about mobile accessibility. It was this vision that has led us through a number of key developments over the last two years:

• In January 2013 we rolled out a mobile accessible version of the Abenity Store using Responsive Web Design (RWD) so that members could purchase tickets and gift certificates easily from any smartphone.

• In June 2013 we introduced a mobile-compatible version of the perks program and branded app icons which made it easy for members to log in on mobile devices and navigate the program with an easy “pull-out” menu.

• In July 2013 we began to roll out mobile-friendly member newsletters that made it easy to communicate new perks to members reading email on smartphones and tablets.

• In June 2014 we rolled out the new Abenity Perks Program featuring a completely redesigned interface, mobile-friendly redemption options, and a responsive layout that works on all devices and browsers.

• In August 2014 we debuted a redesigned app icon for iPhone and Android users that allows members to save a client-branded bookmark to their perks program on their phone’s homepage.

What’s Next In Mobile?

After the finalization of our redesigned program in June 2014, we began to implement new features and enhancements around our platform.

One of these planned enhancements is a native iPhone application. Because Apple devices represent a significant share of our mobile users, we want to ensure the Abenity experience is tailored to the unique technology and capabilities of the iPhone. We plan for this to be available to our members by Q2 2014.

The mobile landscape continues to rapidly change. But Abenity is a technology company that is directly producing 100% of its software and content in-house. This unique advantage alone sets us apart from every other perks provider in our industry.

As technology evolves around us, Abenity will continue to set the pace and find new and interesting ways to leverage that technology to serve up perks & discounts.

Are You Still Running Internet Explorer 8?

For a long time Internet Explorer 8 was the default web browser for the vast majority of PCs in the world. Released in 2009, it came pre-installed on systems running Windows 7 and was supported on earlier versions of the Microsoft operating system, like Windows Vista and Windows XP.

But that was five years ago, and as we all know technology moves at a lightning pace. Microsoft has already released Internet Explorer 11 as the latest version of their browser, and the company recently announced that they will soon cease support of IE8.

Why Does All This Matter?

We recently surveyed users of the Abenity Perks Program and found that 10% of our corporate clients are still running Internet Explorer 8 in their offices.

When we debuted the latest version of perks platform in June 2014 we added a ton of new advanced features that are simply not supported by older versions of web browsers. If your office is still using IE8, here’s some of the things you’re missing out on:

• No Responsive Layout Support: The new Abenity program uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) so that your perks program displays beautifully on any sized monitor. So whether your employees are blessed with dual 36″ inch monitors, or they’re making due on a 10″ laptop screen, the Abenity program is designed to look great.

Unless of course that computer is using IE8 – the site won’t be able to scale and transform proportionally, and the perks program will be difficult for your employees to navigate.

• No GPS Support: A central feature of the new Abenity program is an increased focus on local offers and geo-aware technology. Abenity gives members the option to share their location so we can easily serve up local offers to them. However, IE8 does not support GPS integration, leaving thousands of local perks inaccessible for your members.

• Insufficient Perks Program Technology Support: The new Abenity program features a number of dynamic and animated features that make browsing the perks program breeze. Our animated navigation menu, our pull-down application menu, and our Recommendations pages all rely on technology offered in later versions of web browsers. All of this will be missing, or worse, broken when viewed using IE8.

• Inadequate Graphics Support: Current web design standards allow developers to create beautiful graphics, intuitive user interfaces, and modern navigation techniques. But IE8 lacks the technological support that makes these graphical presentations possible.

Things as seemingly simple as color transparency, rounded corners, gradient colors, shadows, and icons will come across clunky and unusable in IE8 simply due to it’s use of antiquated web standards.

What Can Be Done If Our Company Uses IE8?

If you or your employees are currently using Internet Explorer 8 to access Abenity, we’d encourage you to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. Or transition to another supported web browser – we happen to like Firefox and Google Chrome. Here are a few links to get started:

• Internet Explorer 11: Download for Windows 8   Download for Windows 7

• Mozilla Firefox: Download for Windows and Mac

• Google Chrome: Download for Windows and Mac

We know that not everyone has privileges to download and install applications in a corporate environment. If that is the case for you and your employees, then we’d encourage you to petition your IT department lead to upgrade your company systems to the latest supported web browser. Not only will the Abenity Perks Program run better on a new browser, but so will every other website your employee accesses.

We’d invite you to send them a link to this post on the Abenity blog, and below are links to a few other resources that they may find helpful.

Recognize Your Team with the Abenity Rewards Store

People love to feel appreciated, and the workplace is no exception. In fact, helping our clients make their employees feel valued is one of our core goals at Abenity.

Keeping up office morale is critical to running a successful business, but with the never-ending busy-ness of office life it’s often challenging to find the time to devote toward that goal.

To help you do this we’ve given you the ability to reward your team without ever leaving your desk. Right in your Abenity Back Office you have access to over 100 name brand gift cards, personalized gifts, wellness products, and discounted movie tickets.

Showing your team that you appreciate them couldn’t get easier!

Take a moment to check out the Rewards & Recognition section of your Back Office. The next time one of your team members meets that big goal, or closes that key deal, you’ll be able to give them the props they deserve without making a last-minute trip to the store. Shipping is always free and we’re sure you’ll find something your employees will truly appreciate.

There’s lots more to be discovered inside the Abenity Back Office. If it’s been a while since you’ve been inside the Back Office, you might want to take this quick tour. We’ve offered up every tool to help you run and manage the Abenity Perks Program for your members.

Change Your Perks Program Background Wallpaper

Everything we do at Abenity is centered around making your perks program your own. All of our custom branding features are there to help you engage your members, and make perks & discounts just that much more personal and engaging.

So it stands to reason that we would let you customize your perks program background wallpaper as well! We quietly rolled out this fun little feature several weeks back giving you the ability to choose from three graphical backgrounds for your program. Choose a theme that suits your organization and make the change in our Back Office.

Want to change up your perks program background? Log into the Back Office and navigate to the Branding section under the Account Settings page. We’ll be rolling out additional backgrounds in the future.

Abenity eTickets Branded for Your Organization

We offer high-touch, personalized customization and branding options in our perks program because we know it leads to increased engagement with your employees. We provide the tools to showcase your organization’s brand amongst all the great perks & discounts offered through our program, enabling you to further develop the relationship shared between you and your employees. Our goal is that your organization will be viewed as the valued provider of your employee perks program.

As a complementary upgrade within your Abenity program, eTickets purchased by your members in the Abenity Store will be branded with your organization’s logo. It’s a great physical reminder of who provided the ticket and the fantastic discount for them. 

Our members can always trust that they’re receiving the best possible price on their ticket purchases from the Abenity Store. Our mission is transparent pricing with no hidden fees. That means the ticket price your members see in the store – even before it’s added to their shopping cart – includes all taxes and shipping fees up front.

We’re working to make employee perks more meaningful and more engaging, and we’ll continue to add customization and branding options to the Abenity Perks Program to achieve that!

Perks Made Simple: 6 Basics of Abenity

Our one goal at Abenity is “Perks Made Simple”, and I wanted to take a moment and explain what that means for us. We’ve built a perks model that truly places you, our clients, first and aligns our goals with your own.

When you boil it down, here’s how Abenity embodies Perks Made Simple:

1) It means Over $4,500 In Savings for your members featuring private discount offers from some of the most popular national brands like Sam’s Club, Firestone, Regal & AMC Theaters, HP, Costco, and many more.

We’ve tallied up the savings on some of our most popular national offers. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the savings add up!

2) It means Easy Mobile Access so your members can access their discounts wherever they are, at home or on the go with their smartphone.

We’ve put a ton of work into making Abenity the most mobile accessible perks program over the past year. Check out our responsive design, branded app icons, and mobile eTicket store.

3) It means No Hidden Fees in our movie and theme parks ticketing store, which means the price listed in our store is the price your members will have to pay. No surprises, no gotchas, and that’s a big deal because we’re the only discount program provider that can say that.

4) It means Flexible Branding Options so that you can confidently present your organization as the valued provider of your discount program.

At the core, we help our clients engage their members on a deeper, more meaningful, and more seamless level. We do that by positioning you – our client and partner – as the provider of your perks program with dozens of integrated customization options.

5) It means Consistent Member Engagement where we’ll work by your side to communicate your perks and build loyalty.

Each program is equipped you with a full arsenal of 40+ marketing tools that make it easy to spread the word about your program to members, including suggested email copy, videos, flyers, vendor logos, custom product and branding options, and a personalized program launch document.

6) It means Powerful Back Office Tools where we give you everything you need to control your perks program, build engagement, administer your benefits, and track your success in one comprehensive online software suite.

The tools we provide in our new Back Office speak to the core of Abenity’s purpose and our managed services approach. Your goals are our goals – we provide you with the marketing tools, recognition resources, and analytics you need to increase loyalty, maximize profitability, and heighten morale inside your organization.


With Abenity, Perks Made Simple comes down to these six simple concepts. They sum up both our commitment to you as a client and the philosophy behind our software.

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How to Engage Millennials with Voluntary Benefits

Engage Millennial EmployeesAs a new generation of employees enters the workforce, employers are needing to take a renewed look at how they engage the Millennial Generation.

Born between the years 1980-2004, Millennials think differently, communicate differently, and work differently than their predecessors. With all of these generational differences at play employers often run into challenges as they work to engage the “Facebook Generation.”

We recently sat down with Employee Benefit Adviser magazine to chat about how to engage the Millennial generation with voluntary benefits. While these confident and idealistic workers are a huge asset to companies, they are often very confused and in need of guidance when it comes to making choices about corporate benefits.

What I've found is that transparency is the cardinal virtue of Millennials, and you won't gain their trust without it.

Of any age group, Millennials are the least likely to adopt voluntary benefits, but 50% of employees cite benefits as an important reason they remain with their current employer. And 86% of Millennials say they especially value having benefits personalized to meet their individual circumstances and age.

What I’ve found is that transparency is the cardinal virtue of Millennials, and you won’t gain their trust without it. In Abenity’s industry of employee perks, employee discount programs have become notorious for shady tactics that Millennials see right through. These tactics include complex points-based schemes and the addition of extra taxes and fees on tickets to popular theme parks and movie theaters, driving employee savings down and provider profits up.

As you can imagine, this practice severely damages loyalty from Millennials and it’s why we’ve invested so much in technology that allows our clients and broker partners to deliver a truly transparent perks experience.

HR leaders have a unique opportunity to guide their younger employees toward making wise choices when it comes to perks and benefits. Shepherding these Millennial employees has a direct impact on engagement, and the strategies you can implement may not be as foreign as you might expect.

Check out the entire article on the Employee Benefit Adviser website, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Abenity Helps Minimize the Threat of Identity Theft with IdentitySecure

Within four days after the first public reports of the major flaw in internet server security known as Heartbleed surfaced, mass attacks searched for and actively targeted vulnerable systems.

The catastrophic flaw allowed attackers to mine cryptographic keys and passwords, and some experts argued that Heartbleed was the worst vulnerability discovered since the dawn of the Internet.

Still, months after the initial rush to patch systems, approximately 50 percent of potentially vulnerable servers have been left unpatched, making Heartbleed an ongoing, critical threat. And every year widely publicized incidents of cyber breaches occur, like the ones that have recently plagued Target, JP Morgan, and UPS.

With so much of our daily lives wrapped up in technology, weaknesses in cyber-security may be the greatest threat of our time. At risk are our financial accounts, our personal privacy, and our identity. Sadly the potential for identity theft is not an exaggerated and hollow threat; it’s a reality of our day and age.

Frank Abagnale, FBI security consultant and subject of a blockbuster movie “Catch Me If You Can” notes that identity theft is “an amazing and simple crime. There are 15 million victims in the United States each year. One every two seconds in the United States.”

Protect Your Identity with Abenity and IdentitySecure

While it’s impossible to prevent every instance of identity theft, you can protect yourself, your family, and your assets. Abenity has partnered with IdentitySecure to offer our members state-of-the-art, custom identity protection products.

IdentitySecure guards against all of the main types of identity fraud, providing truly comprehensive protection you can count on.

Recent studies from Towers Watson, an insurance consulting firm, shows that Identity Theft Protection is the #3 fastest growing voluntary benefit being requested by employees this year. And that’s no surprise – every year we spend more time online, we make more purchases on the internet, and we place more trust in the technology integrated into our everyday lives.

Our credit cards, social security numbers, drivers license information, health and medical records, bank account information, tax records, and account usernames and passwords are all stored in vast and disparate internet databases. A weakness in even one of these databases could spell disaster for our personal information and financial livelihood.

It’s Abenity’s goal to help our members lead more rewarding lives, through the perks and discounts we provide. But perhaps our most important responsibility is to help members protect what they already have. Health insurance, car insurance, and homeowners insurance protect the people and physical belongings most dear to us. But Identity Theft Protection defends those assets that we don’t see: our financial information, our digital assets, and our personal identities.

In this 21st Century world, we need to protect against 21st Century threats. We are proud to partner with IdentitySecure to offer the most cutting edge and affordable identity theft protection available inside the Abenity Perks Program. Log in today to learn more and get started.

Identity Secure
Every 3 Seconds, Someone Loses Their Identity

IdentitySecure guards against all of the main types of identity fraud, providing truly comprehensive protection you can count on including Daily Credit Monitoring, Identity Verification Monitoring, and Fraud Assist Toolbox.